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This excellent temperature controller is perfect for aquarium, reptile pets like: lizard, turtle etc. incubators, green house and refrigerator and places where needs constant temperature. Stable temperature is related to the health and safety of the pet. By using this thermostat with developed functions, you can easily test and control its temperature.
Package Included:
1x Thermostat
Bright LED display, direct and clear to see data.
Dual heating and cooling functions with the icon to indicate.
Apply microcomputer technology to keep precise measurement.
With 4 icons: SNOW, SUN, COOL and HEAT to indicate your operation.
Have a water-proof sensor with 0.8m wire and sucker for better measurement.
Can adjust temperature difference and have adjustable output delay function to protect compressor.
Temperature Measuring Range: -40 ~ 100 ℃
Temperature Control Range: 16 ~ 40 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
Accuracy: ±1 ℃
Sensor: Water-proof NTC Sensor
Sensor Cable Length: 0.8m
Product Consumption: ≤ 3W
Ambient Requirements: Temperature: -10 to 60 ℃; Humidity: 10% to 90%
Item Size: 150x56x36mm/5.90×2.20×1.41 inch
Plug Optional: US,UK,EU,AU
Input Voltage: 110V (US Plug)/220V (UK Plug/EU Plug,AU Plug)
Relay: 10A/220V
Control Load: 1200W/220V (Resistive Load)

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