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Product Description

Name: Electronic voltage regulator

Input voltage: AC220V
Voltage regulation range: 0-220V 
Rated current: 9A
Limiting current: 18A
Output voltage: 0-220V Adjustable (The voltmeter does not work when the output voltage is below 5V)
Ultimate power: 4000W(Suitable for 2000w-3000w resistive load)
-Use STMicroelectronics,thyristor BTA41-600B/800B.
-Double-sided copper-platinum welding is safer and firmer.
-Free control of power input, cut off output,overload, short circuit protection.
-Multi-function industrial socket,the inner copper parts are made of reinforced bronze, good contact and safety.
-Flame retardant insulation shell,high temperature flame retardant does not deform, metal spray paint does not rust, effectively prevent high temperature, prevent heavy pressure, and prevent safety hazards.


Product Usage: 

-Household appliances, industrial electrical appliances, scientific experimental instrument, the factory, school electrical equipment, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Electronic voltage regulator
(Attribute an adapter according to your address location)

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