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ZL-6210A+ Temperature Controller
ZL-62x0A+ series thermostat is for cooling or heating control, with one 30 ampere output, and buzzer beeping and warning function.
Main Specification:
Power supply :  185~245Vac
Sensor: NTC
Output: R1, 30A, 250Vac; R2, 5A, 250Vac
 All based on pure resistance loads
Setting range: -40~120℃
Display range: -40~130℃
Working: -10~45℃, 5~90%RH without dew 
Dimension: W78 x H34.5 x D71 (mm)
Installation drilling: W71 x H29 (mm)
Case materials: PC + ABS fire proof
Protection level: IP65 (Front side only)
Sensor length: 3 meters (including probe length)

ZL-6210A+Cooling or heating, Warning input
ZL-6220A+Cooling or heating, Warning input, Periodic defrosting (only in cooling mode)
ZL-6230A+Cooling or heating, Warning input, Warning output
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1 x ZL-6210A+ Temperature Controller
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