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ZL-7830B 30A Relay 100-240Vac Humidity Controller
ZL-7830B is humidity controller with big output relay (30A), a limit protection alarm output, compact design with IP65 level front panel, convenient operation and easy installation, applied for humidify and dehumidify control. 
Technical Specification
Power supply: AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Input signal: one humidity sensor (L=2000mm)
 Output load:   R1 load 30A/250Vac, R2/R3 load 3A/250Vac (Resistive load)  
Set range: humidity 0-100RH with 0.1% resolution
Absolute measurement accuracy: humidity 5%(under temperature 20~60℃)
 Working environment: -20~45℃, 10-90%RH without dewing
Size Specification:
Front panel dimension: 78* 34.5mm
Drilling template: 71* 29mm
Whole machines dimension: 78* 34.5* 71mm
Length of sensor(s): 2m (including the sensor probe)
Wiring Diagram:
Package includes:

1 x ZL-7830B Humidity Controller

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