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Newly 6WD platform car:
● The whole vehicle is stamped and formed by 2mm aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with aluminum.

Powerful accessories:
6 high-speed DC motors (original 17000 rpm), combined with 1:34 full metal gearbox, enable the car to obtain strong off-road performance.
● The use of six hydraulic spring dampers to securely connect the motor to the upper body allows the platform to achieve better road penetration, especially for complex bumps.
 The road surface is uneven, and the shock absorption access will be adaptive.

Powerful expansion capability: 
 ● 6WD mobile platform can install different types of control boards or controllers, such as arduino or raspberry-pi.
 ● The upper base plate reserves the mounting holes of the Arduino platform and the Raspberry-Pi platform.
 ● You can modify it as you like: The upper chassis adopts a 3mm mounting hole, and the lateral 12mm and vertical 14mm hole spacing can be used to install a wide variety of sensors. Or to extend other functions, such as installing a robot arm.


- Total size: 28*21*11.5cm
Product weight: about 1.4kg
Maximum load: 6kg
Working voltage: 12V
Rated current: 350mA*6
Original motor speed: 17000rpm
Output shaft speed: 500rpm
Rated torque: 5kg/cm
- Color: black/blue(optional)

**Robot arm and battery does not include.

Package Included:

1 x black/blue 6wd shock absorption smart car kit

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