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6 DOF Manipulator Robot Arm ABB Robot Model with 32CH Servo Controller


- Name: 6 DOF Manipulator Robot Arm
- Age Range:> 14 Years old
- Item Size: 26.5*23.8*6.5*19.8cm
- Item Weight: About 1.8kg
- Package Size: About 35*19*23cm
- Package Weight: About 2.0kg
- Commodity Attribute:Finished Goods
- The main joints used metal gear digital servo 1501 and 2 micro servo MG90 (1501 control protocol is 0.5 ms – 2.5 ms for steering gear 0 degrees to 180 degrees, small steering gear MG90 control protocol is 1.0 ms – 2.0 ms for steering gear 0 degrees to 180 degrees. If the small servo get  0.5 ms – 2.5 ms signal, will be bounded on both ends of the Angle.)


- All metal mechanical arm
- Highly strong, practical structure
- Arm joints are connected by bearings
- The main joint 4 D1501 Digital Servos and 2 SG90 servo
- ABB six degrees of freedom industrial robots proportion model
- Real 6 degree of freedom mechanical arm: the waist, arm, forearm rotate, wrist, wrist and forearm
- Good product assembly, testing, packaging, shipping, you get the finished machine is assembled
- Product standard without a fixture, the user can be based on the characteristics of raw materials continue to – DIY sucker, electromagnet, forks, etc
- Because the arm model used is the model used for servo, servo with the general slowdown have gap, the gap in performance wrists free travel of 4mm, suitable for teaching the theory of verification and control, is not suitable for industrial production assembly line.

Package included:

1 x 6 DOF Robot Arm Frame
(Fully assembled, including four SAIBO-1501 digital servo and two MG90 servo)
1 x 32CH Servo Controller
1 x 1500mAh 20C Battery
1 x Charger

Servo Control Program:


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